What providers are saying about the Patient Ed® system...


"I am field testing all of the patient education products out there and this one's the winner! My patients have been very happy with it. The nice thing about the Patient Ed® system is it's not just a handout. It's patient education, warning signs, follow ups, phone numbers, and prescriptions—all integrated into one fluid document."

—Ken Urlakis, MD, Ph.D.
Medical Associates Sussex

I love the ability to customize the system to the way I practice. Compared to other patient education products I've seen, this is the most comprehensive. I am very, very impressed."

—Carlos de La Garza, MD
Crown Health Care

"We find the Patient Ed® system so friendly and easy to use that even residents who are not very computer literate are using it. The prescription writer is a real time saver and the chart note shortens our transcription time. Our only problem is that we do not have enough computers to accommodate everyone wanting to use it!"

—Dick Nicholas, M.D., Residency Director
Rose Family Medicine

"The Patient Ed® system is excellent in an ER setting. We use it for discharge instructions. In the past nurses would hand write instructions after consulting with the physicians. Now we print out two copies of tailored instructions for each patient. Patients sign one copy that we put in their medical record and they keep the other set. This greatly reduces nursing time and patients get much more detailed information than previously."

—Glenn LeBlanc, R.N.
Columbia Doctors Hospital of Opelousas

"The beauty of the Patient Ed® system is its simplicity. It provides an excellent service to patients without adding more time. Patients feel they get a lot more out of the visit. Also, the chart note is good documentation of patient education for managed care plans and insurance companies. This is becoming a big deal now."

—Robert Berkompas, MD
St. Thomas Health Services

"I wanted to let you know that we have really appreciated Medifor's responsiveness and availability with regard to setting up Patient Ed®. We have found the product to be easy to use, and our patients have been appreciative of the information. We are looking forward to seeing the Spanish version. Patient Ed® is a great step in helping us reach our goal of providing every patient with written information."

—Sumana Reddy, MD
Acacia Family Medical Group

"I'm a pediatrician in a multi-specialty group and use the Patient Ed® system for about 99% of my visits. Parents love the handouts. From a medical-legal standpoint, the Patient Ed® system is invaluable. We are actually remodeling part of our clinic so we can use the system more efficiently. We are adding a countertop in the hallway for laptops and printers near the exam rooms."

—Gregory L. Garvin, D.O., 
River Valley Healthcare

"Finally provides an easy way for provider organizations to incorporate formulary and practice guidelines into the physician's clinical workflow."

—Louis I. Hochheiser, MD
Executive Medical Director & Senior Vice President

"The boy with poison ivy convinced me of the value of Patient Ed®. A visit that normally took 1 minute for diagnosis and 9 minutes for explanation and education suddenly took 2 1/2 minutes. Now 'fit ins' really can be fit in."

—Ted Capron MD
Belknap Family Health Center

"In the urgent care clinic it makes life easier and saves time. When patients come in with 2-3 prescriptions, the Patient Ed® system prints legibly and makes refills easier. There are fewer callbacks and that saves time. With the system, I can see about 15 extra patients a day. Patients feel they are getting top-notch care, too. At first they are amazed when they get the handouts with their names and the clinic name. After that, they expect the handouts."

—Robert Patterson, MD
Broad Street Family Medical Center

"I have recently purchased Patient Ed®. My wife and I have a private practice clinic, specializing in Family Practice. I can tell you without reservation, this is exactly what I had in mind. Our patients love it. Please feel free to use us as a reference for your product."

—Robert L. Cummins, RN, Leanne LeBlanc, MD
LeBlanc Family Medicine

"We have an extensive patient education filing system, but our residents find the Patient Ed® system is much easier to use compared to this. For patients on multiple medications, the chart note feature is especially useful in cutting our dictation time. We also depend on the chart note in our new walk-in clinic connected to ER. Documentation is very important in this setting."

—Todd Shaffer, MD
Truman Medical Center East

"We’ve actually had two patients wanting to switch into our practice because of Patient Ed®!"

—Kathleen J. Smith, MD

"The system is working, is user friendly, and we are getting a lot of excitement around here from folks who would never have used the computer before! A pretty slick program. . .gave an inservice to all of the nurses and they thought it was the best thing since the invention of duct tape!"

—David A. Acosta, MD
Associate Director

"The Patient Ed® program allows us to make sure that all of our patients get written instructions that we know they understand when they leave clinic. I go over the instructions with them and that really offers consistency and a chance to ask questions. Patients are impressed that we’ve taken the time to do this. Little do they know it’s taken no time at all. They even talk about the instructions at the general store."

—Ken Brown, RN, ARNP,
Bay Clinic

"I have used other patient education handout programs. The Patient Ed® system is so much nicer because it is easily customized. I can make the advice fit the situation and the patient's needs. And it is very easy to use. The technical support has been great (though I've hardly needed it) and the program is a very good value. Medifor continues to add to it with each update with valuable features and new topics. It is an easy way to get started in clinical computing. If you can use Quicken, you can use Patient Ed®."

—Mark Spencer, MD
Cascade Family Medical Group

"Just had a chance to look at your Evaluation CD. Quite an impressive set of tools! Certainly encourages me that FINALLY someone has both the understanding of what a physician wants AND enough sophistication with computers to create a product that looks really useful! Thanks for managing that."

—Richard Tew, MD, Clinical Director
San Diego American Indian Health

"We especially like the Precautions and Home Care instructions—when to call, when to go to ER, when to follow-up if certain symptoms show up. The different colored signals are a nice touch. When residents are on call, this documentation is very important."

—Amer Shakil, MD
Christ Hospital Family Practice Residency

Our pharmacists really like having the drug instructions all written out for them. I haven't had any major problems. I can change the medicines and print out instructions and prescriptions. I have little more than scratched the surface."

—Roger Applegate, MD
Northern Idaho PHS Indian Health Center

"I spend less time dictating and my transcriptionist's daily work load is reduced by 40 to 60 minutes because of the chart note feature."

—R. Ronald Dionne, MD
Kitsap Children’s Clinic

"We are doing well with the system! You can use my name as a reference. If anyone would like to call and talk to me about the program they are welcome to."

—Greg Taylor, MD
University of Maryland FPRP

"This software is a wonderful vision of what will be the future of medicine. . . By facilitating care by the provider in the difficult area of patient education everybody wins. The provider saves time, gives better quality care, has fewer call backs from patients who did not understand and has improved patient satisfaction. The patient has a better understanding of his illness and has a better outcome. . . The developers deserve recognition for the step forward they have taken in the lost part of medicine today—the doctor patient relationship."

—Allen R. Wenner, MD
 Doctor’s Care

"The Patient Ed® program is really valuable for elderly patients and their families who often need something to refer to regarding self care instructions after they get home. It is also great for the harried moms of sick kids who have a hard time listening to instructions while their well kids are dismantling the office. It's like having an extra staff person in the office."

—Linda M. Pedersen, MN, ARNP
Bay Clinic

"At the Cedar Rapids Medical Education Program, we are training Family Practice residents for the future, using the Patient Ed® system. The structured templates are great reminders to teach patients about home care issues. After being seen by a covering physician using PATIENT ED® instructions, some of our patients have been so impressed that they’ve requested to change physicians.

"I really like the ability to use the Patient Ed® system in joint decision making with the patient. By bringing up the template and going through it together, I can get the patient's input about how hard it might be to do something, like wear a seat belt. This might take a bit more time, but gives me better compliance so I can improve quality. . .

"Our faculty is very excited about using the Patient Ed® system as a teaching tool. The templates remind residents of all the options available for treating a given condition, especially for medications. The online medication and instruction information encourage residents to learn as they see patients, fulfilling our goal to produce physicians who are lifelong learners. . . In fact, our Program applied for and received a grant to produce a medical computing curriculum centered around the use of the Patient Ed® system."

—Charles Zelnick, MD
Assistant Director
Cedar Rapids Medical Education Program

How industry experts are rating the Patient Ed® system...

"My patients were impressed by the instruction form and especially by the legible computer-generated prescriptions. . .Prescription writing is quick, accurate, and legible. . .For an office that is contemplating adding clinical computer applications, this program offers a straightforward and useful starting point."

The Journal of Family Practice
Reviews of Books & Software, April 1998

"The software delivers on its stated goals of saving providers 1 minute with each patient, which enables them to see one more patient per day, improving patient satisfaction within a few months, and reducing the number of unnecessary visits for common colds by 25% over 1 year."

ADVANCE for Nurse Practitioners, January 1998
Paul Shepard, RNP, APN, Hot Springs, AR

"In our increasingly insurance-company driven managed care environment, this feature alone [referrals] adds enough efficiency to be worth the price of the program."

"With a little practice, even a computer-phobic physician can produce strikingly complete handouts in a minute or two."

"Once I had finished watching all the movies, I felt comfortable enough to begin using the program, even though I hadn’t even finished the written documentation."

"Written documentation is excellent."

"The program excels at the depth of information provided in the EduCare Templates."

—Medical Software Reviews, March 1997
Andrew Zaager, M.D., Internal Medicine
New York University College of Medicine

"All the information in the templates is referenced, and the sources used suggest a solid foundation for the practice guidelines and the default medication choices offered."

"Prescription writing and printing struck me as one of the most exciting features of the program."

—Medical Software Reviews, March 1997
Andrew Zaager, M.D., Internal Medicine
New York University College of Medicine


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