PATIENT ED® Content - 3rd Quarter 2001        

The PATIENT ED® system now contains over 840 topics covering family medicine, pediatrics, sports medicine, and internal medicine. For the Quarter 3, 2001 release we’ve added 40 topics, 85 revised topics, 134 changed topics, and 43 new medications, along with 16 new illustrations (new total of 210) and 17 new instruction elements (new total of 1352). The PATIENT ED® system now includes over 3000 medications, counting brand names, with over 1200 distinct generic medications.

This update features the Patient Ed® Patient Direct service, which allows a provider to create personal patient Web pages and exchange secure messages with patients. The Patient Ed® Patient Direct feature includes over 2900 Web links to reviewed sites, where patients can obtain further information on conditions and medications.

Cardiovascular(back to top of page)

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

Angina Pectoris, stable

Angina Pectoris, unstable

Aortic Stenosis, adult

Aortic Stenosis, child

ASD, child

Atrial Fibrillation, chronic

Atrial Fibrillation, new onset

Bradycardia, adult

Bradycardia, older adult

Chest Pain, etiology unknown


Congestive Heart Failure

Coronary artery disease

Heart Murmur, innocent, child

Hypertension, essential, follow up

Hypertension, essential, new onset

Hypertension, pregnancy-induced

Hypertension, reactive

Hypertension, with diabetes

Hypertension, with heart failure

Hypotension, orthostatic, older adult

Mitral Prolapse

Mitral Stenosis

Myocardial infarction

Myocardial infarction, silent


Peripheral Vascular Disease, lower extremities

Peripheral Vascular Disease, with diabetes

Pulmonic Stenosis, valvular, child

PVCs, benign

Supraventricular Tachycardia, adult

Supraventricular Tachycardia, child

Syncope, cardiac

Syncope, etiology unknown, adult

Syncope, etiology unknown, older adult

Syncope, vagal

Thrombophlebitis, deep vein

Thrombophlebitis, superficial

Varicose Veins

VSD, child

Dermatology (back to top of page)

Abrasion, unspecified

Abscess, unspecified

Acne, neonatal

Acne, unspecified

Actinic Keratosis

Alopecia, areata

Alopecia, male balding

Alopecia, traction, child

Angioma, spider, child

Basal Cell Carcinoma

Benign Nevus

Bite, cat, face

Bite, cat, hand

Bite, cat, other

Bite, dog, face

Bite, dog, hand

Bite, dog, other

Bite, human, face

Bite, human, hand

Bite, other

Bruise, unspecified

Burn, partial thickness

Burn, superficial

Burns, total thickness

Candidiasis, skin

Cellulitis, perianal, strep

Cellulitis, unspecified


Corn or Callus

Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Decubitus ulcers, stage I or II

Dermatitis, atopic

Dermatitis, contact, plant

Dermatitis, contact, unspecified

Dermatitis, diaper, monilial

Dermatitis, diaper, unspecified

Dermatitis, perioral

Eczema, dyshidrotic

Eczema, unspecified

Erythema multiforme, adult

Erythema multiforme, child

Fifth Disease, child

Folliculitis, hot tub, adult

Folliculitis, hot tub, child

Folliculitis, unspecified, adult

Folliculitis, unspecified, child


Granuloma, annulare, child

Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease, child

Hemangioma, capillary, child

Hemangioma, strawberry, child

Herpes simplex oral, acute gingivostomatitis, adult

Herpes Simplex Oral, acute gingivostomatitis, child

Herpes Simplex Oral, recurring

Herpes Zoster



Ingrown Nail

Insect Sting/Bite, allergic, adult

Insect Sting/Bite, allergic, child

Insect Sting/Bite, unspecified

Laceration, face

Laceration, hand

Laceration, other


Lyme Disease


Milia, neonatal


Molluscum Contagiosum

Nail Avulsion



Pediculosis, capitis

Pilonidal abscess

Pilonidal Cyst

Pityriasis Rosea

Pruritis Ani

Pruritis, older adult


Puncture Wound, foot

Puncture Wound, hand

Puncture Wound, unspecified

Pyogenic granuloma






Sebaceous Cyst

Seborrhea, infant

Seborrhea, unspecified

Skin ulceration, arterial

Skin ulceration, diabetic

Skin ulceration, unspecified

Skin ulceration, venous

Spider Bite, black widow, child

Spider Bite, brown recluse, child

Subungual Hematoma


Swimmer’s itch, adult

Swimmer’s Itch, child

Tick Bite

Tinea, capitis

Tinea, corporis

Tinea, cruris

Tinea, pedis

Tinea, versicolor

Umbilical Granuloma


Varicella, child

Viral exanthem, adult

Viral exanthem, child


Warts, plantar

Warts, unspecified

Warts, genital

Wound Infection

Xerosis, older adult

EENT(back to top of page)


Adenoidal Hypertrophy


Auricular Hematoma

Blepharitis, adult

Blepharitis, child


Cerumen impaction, older adult

Cerumen Impaction, unspecified

Chalazion, acute, adult

Chalazion, acute, child

Conjunctivitis, allergic

Conjunctivitis, bacterial

Conjunctivitis, chemical

Conjunctivitis, exposure

Conjunctivitis, viral

Corneal Abrasion

Dental abscess, periapical

Dental abscess, periodontal

Dental caries

Dry eye, adult

Dry eye, older adult

Epistaxis, anterior

Eustachian tube dysfunction, adult

Eustachian Tube Dysfunction, child

Foreign Body, corneal

Foreign Body, ear

Foreign Body, nasal


Glaucoma, acute



Keratitis, flash burn

Keratitis, ultraviolet



Macular Degeneration

Meniere's Disease

Nasal Fracture

Nasal Polyps

Nasal septal deviation, adult

Nasal Septal Deviation, child

Nasolacrimal Duct Obstruction

Otalgia, adult

Otalgia, child

Otitis Externa, adult

Otitis Externa, child

Otitis Media, acute serous, adult

Otitis Media, acute serous, child

Otitis Media, acute suppurative, adult

Otitis Media, acute suppurative, child

Otitis Media, barotrauma

Otitis Media, chronic serous, child

Otitis Media, follow up, child

Otorrhea, with otitis media, child

Parotitis, acute, child

Periodontal disease

Periorbital Cellulitis, child

Peritonsillar Abscess

Pharyngitis, strep, adult

Pharyngitis, strep, child

Pharyngitis, unspecified, adult

Pharyngitis, unspecified, child

Pharyngitis, viral, adult

Pharyngitis, viral, child



Rhinitis, allergic

Rhinitis, bacterial

Scarlet Fever

Sinusitis, allergic

Sinusitis, bacterial

Sinusitis, viral

Stomatitis, aphthous, adult

Stomatitis, aphthous, child

Strabismus, child


Subconjunctival Hematoma


Thrush, adult

Thrush, child


TMJ Syndrome

Tonsillitis, acute strep, adult

Tonsillitis, acute strep, child

Tonsillitis, chronic, adult

Tonsillitis, chronic, child

Tonsillitis, unspecified, adult

Tonsillitis, unspecified, child

Tonsillitis, viral, adult

Tonsillitis, viral, child

Tympanic membrane rupture

Vertigo, benign positional

Vertigo, unspecified

Gastrointestinal(back to top of page)

Abdominal Pain, etiology unknown, child

Abdominal Pain, etiology unknown, female

Abdominal pain, etiology unknown, older adult

Abdominal Pain, etiology unknown, male

Amebiasis, child

Anal Fissure

Appendicitis, acute

Celiac Disease, adult

Celiac Disease, child


Cholelithiasis, adult

Cholelithiasis, older adult

Constipation, adult

Constipation, child

Constipation, older adult

Crohn's Disease

Dehydration, child

Dehydration, older adult

Diarrhea, acute bloody, adult

Diarrhea, acute non-bloody, adult

Diarrhea, acute non-bloody, child

Diarrhea, chronic nonspecific, child

Diarrhea, chronic, adult

Diarrhea, chronic, child

Diarrhea, traveler’s

Diverticular Disease, diverticulitis

Diverticular Disease, diverticulosis

Dysphagia, older adult

Encopresis, with constipation

Encopresis, without constipation

Fecal Impaction, adult

Fecal impaction, older adult

Food Poisoning

Foreign Body Ingestion, child

Gastritis, acute

Gastritis, chronic

Gastroenteritis, viral, adult

Gastroenteritis, viral, child

GERD, adult

GERD, Infant



Hepatitis, A

Hepatitis, B

Hepatitis, C

Hiatal Hernia

Hyperbilirubinemia, neonatal, blood incompatibility

Hyperbilirubinemia, neonatal, physiologic

Infant Colic

Inguinal Hernia, adult

Inguinal Hernia, child

Intussusception, child

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Lactose Intolerance, adult

Lactose Intolerance, child, primary

Lactose Intolerance, child, secondary

Pancreatitis, acute

Peptic Ulcer Disease, adult

Peptic Ulcer Disease, child


Pyloric stenosis

Thrombosed Hemorrhoids

Ulcerative Colitis

Umbilical Hernia, child

Genitourinary (back to top of page)

Balanitis, adult

Balanitis, child

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

Circumcision, Gomco

Circumcision, Plastibel

Enuresis, diurnal

Enuresis, nocturnal


Erectile Dysfunction

Herpes Simplex Genital

Hydrocele, adult

Hydrocele, child

Male Infertility


Proteinuria, postural, child


Renal Calculi

STDs, unspecified empiric treatment

Undescended Testes

Urethral syndrome

Urethritis, gonococcal, male

Urethritis, nongonococcal, male

Urinary Incontinence, initial evaluation

Urinary Incontinence, stress, female

Urinary Incontinence, urge

UTI, follow up, child

UTI, hemorrhagic cystitis, child

UTI, recurrent cystitis, female adult

UTI, simple, female adult

UTI, simple, female child

UTI, simple, male adult

UTI, simple, male child

Varicocele, adult

Varicocele, child


Vesicoureteral Reflux, primary

 Health Maintenance(back to top of page)

Adolescent Health Exam (Female), 13-15 years

Adolescent Health Exam (Female), 16-19 years

Adolescent Health Exam (Male), 13-15 years

Adolescent Health Exam (Male), 16-19 years

Adult Health Exam (Female), 20-29 years

Adult Health Exam (Female), 30-39 years

Adult Health Exam (Female), 40-49 years

Adult Health Exam (Female), 50-59 years

Adult Health Exam (Female), 60-69 years

Adult Health Exam (Female), 70-79 years, frail

Adult Health Exam (Female), 70-79 years, healthy

Adult Health Exam (Female), 80+ years, frail

Adult Health Exam (Female), 80+ years, healthy

Adult Health Exam (Male), 20-29 years

Adult Health Exam (Male), 30-39 years

Adult Health Exam (Male), 40-49 years

Adult Health Exam (Male), 50-59 years

Adult Health Exam (Male), 60-69 years

Adult Health Exam (Male), 70-79 years, frail

Adult Health Exam (Male), 70-79 years, healthy

Adult Health Exam (Male), 80+ years, frail

Adult Health Exam (Male), 80+ years, healthy

Falls, older adult

Prematurity, follow up

Smoking Cessation

Sports Participation Exam, female

Sports Participation Exam, male

Well Child Exam, 10-12 years

Well Child Exam, 12-15 month

Well Child Exam, 15-18 month

Well Child Exam, 2 month

Well Child Exam, 2 week, bottle-fed

Well Child Exam, 2 week, breast-fed

Well Child Exam, 2 year

Well Child Exam, 3 year

Well Child Exam, 4 month

Well Child Exam, 4 year

Well Child Exam, 5 year

Well Child Exam, 6 month

Well Child Exam, 6 year

Well Child Exam, 7-9 years

Well Child Exam, 9 month

Well Child Exam, newborn, bottle-fed

Well Child Exam, newborn, breast-fed

 Immune/Hematologic(back to top of page)

Anemia, iron deficiency, adult

Anemia, iron deficiency, child

Anemia, iron deficiency, pregnancy

Anemia, pernicious

Anemia, unspecified, adult

Anemia, unspecified, older adult

Arteritis, temporal

Bacteremia, secondary, child

Cat Scratch Disease

Food Allergy, child

FUO, child, acute

FUO, child, duration over 1-2 wks

Henoch Schönlein Purpura, child

HIV Screening

ITP, acute, adult

ITP, acute, child

Kawasaki Syndrome

Lead Poisoning

Lupus, systemic


Lymphangitis, adult

Lymphangitis, child


Rocky Mountain spotted fever

Sepsis, child

Sickle Cell, disease, child

Sickle Cell, trait, child

Viral infection, unspecified, adult

Viral infection, unspecified, child

von Willebrand disease

 Metabolic/Endocrine(back to top of page)

Diabetes Mellitus, follow up, adult

Diabetes Mellitus, follow up, juvenile

Diabetes mellitus, gestational

Diabetes Mellitus, type 1, adult

Diabetes Mellitus, type 1, child

Diabetes Mellitus, type 2

Failure to Thrive


Gynecomastia, adult

Gynecomastia, pubertal

Hypercalciuria, idiopathic








Hypothermia, older adult

Hypothyroidism, acquired, child

Hypothyroidism, congenital

Hypothyroidism, unspecified

Malnutrition, older adult

Obesity, adult

Obesity, child

Premature Adrenarche

Premature Thelarche

Short Stature, delayed puberty

Thyroiditis, autoimmune, adult

Thyroiditis, autoimmune, child

Thyroiditis, unspecified

 Musculoskeletal(back to top of page)

Adhesive Capsulitis

Ankylosing spondylitis

Arthritis, unspecified


Bursitis, elbow

Bursitis, hip

Bursitis, knee

Bursitis, pes anserine

Bursitis, shoulder

Bursitis, trochanteric

Chest Wall Pain

Chondromalacia Patellae

Coccyx Injury

Compartment Syndrome

Contusion, finger

Contusion, iliac crest

Contusion, knee

Contusion, quadriceps


Crushing injury, finger

Developmental Dysplasia Hip

Dislocation, finger

Dislocation, patellar

Dislocation, shoulder

Epicondylitis, lateral

Epicondylitis, medial

Fibromyalgia, adult

Fracture, clavicle, adult

Fracture, clavicle, child

Fracture, hip, acute

Fracture, hip, follow up

Fracture, lower extremity, ankle

Fracture, lower extremity, femur

Fracture, lower extremity, fibula

Fracture, lower extremity, foot

Fracture, lower extremity, Jones

Fracture, lower extremity, metatarsal

Fracture, lower extremity, tibia

Fracture, lower extremity, tibia-fibula

Fracture, lower extremity, toe

Fracture, rib

Fracture, stress, femur

Fracture, stress, fibula

Fracture, stress, lower extremity

Fracture, stress, metatarsal

Fracture, stress, tibia

Fracture, upper extremity, finger

Fracture, upper extremity, hand

Fracture, upper extremity, humerus

Fracture, upper extremity, radius

Fracture, upper extremity, radius-ulna

Fracture, upper extremity, scaphoid

Fracture, upper extremity, ulna

Fracture, vertebral compression



Growing Pain


Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome

Iliac Apophysitis

Impingement, shoulder

Intervertebral Disc Disorder

Jersey Finger

Knee Injury, anterior cruciate lig.

Knee Injury, internal derangement

Knee Injury, lateral collateral lig.

Knee Injury, medial collateral lig.

Knee Injury, meniscus, medial

Leg Cramps, adult

Leg Cramps, nocturnal

Leg Cramps, older adult

Low Back Pain, acute

Low Back Pain, chronic

Low Back Pain, sciatica

Mallet Finger


Metatarsus Adductus, child

Neck Pain

Os Trigonum

Osgood Schlatter's Disease

Osteitis pubis

Osteoarthritis, back

Osteoarthritis, general

Osteoarthritis, hands

Osteoarthritis, hip

Osteoarthritis, knee

Osteoarthritis, neck

Osteochondritis Dissecans, knee

Osteomyelitis, acute, adult

Osteomyelitis, acute, child


Patellofemoral Pain

Pectus Excavatum, child

Pes Planus, flexible, child

Piriformis Syndrome

Plantar Fasciitis, adult

Plantar Fasciitis, child

Plica Inflammation

Popliteal Synovial Cyst, adult

Popliteal Synovial Cyst, child

Proximal Humeral Epiphysiolysis

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rotator Cuff Tear


Sever's Disease

Shin Splints

Skull Fracture, child

Snapping Hip



Sprain, acromioclavicular, grade I and II

Sprain, acromioclavicular, grade III

Sprain, lower extremity, ankle

Sprain, lower extremity, knee

Sprain, lower extremity, midfoot

Sprain, neck

Sprain, sternoclavicular

Sprain, upper extremity, finger

Sprain, upper extremity, shoulder

Sprain, upper extremity, thumb

Sprain, upper extremity, ulnar collateral lig.

Sprain, upper extremity, wrist

Strain, abdominal muscle

Strain, achilles tendon

Strain, gastrocnemius

Strain, gluteal

Strain, groin

Strain, hamstring

Strain, lumbar

Strain, peroneal

Strain, unspecified

Subluxation, lower extremity, patella

Subluxation, upper extremity, radial head

Subluxation, upper extremity, shoulder

Synovitis, hip, child

Tendonitis, achilles

Tendonitis, biceps

Tendonitis, patellar

Tendonitis, thumb

Tendonitis, unspecified

Tendonitis, wrist

Torsion, femoral, medial

Torsion, tibial, internal

Torticollis, acute, adult

Torticollis, acute, child

Torticollis, congenital

Trigger Finger

Turf Toe

Upper Back Pain

Volar Plate Injury

Neurologic/Psychiatric(back to top of page)

Addiction, unspecified

ADHD, child, follow up

ADHD, child, initial

Adjustment Disorder, with depressed mood, adult

Adjustment Disorder, with depressed mood, child

Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol misuse, older adult

Alzheimer's Disease, early

Alzheimer's disease, moderate

Alzheimer's disease, severe

Anorexia nervosa, adult

Anorexia Nervosa, child

Anxiety Disorders

Bell's Palsy

Bipolar Disease

Brachial Plexus Injury, adult

Brachial Plexus Injury, infant

Breath-holding Spells

Bulimia, adult

Bulimia, child

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Cervical radiculopathy

Chronic pain

Concussion, acute

Concussion, post syndrome


Delirium, older adult

Dementia, initial evaluation

Dementia, multi-infarct

Depression, major, adolescent

Depression, major, adult

Depression, major, child

Depression, post-partum

Depression, with dementia

Domestic violence


Encephalitis, viral, unspecified

Epilepsy, child

Febrile Seizure

Head Injury, adult

Head Injury, child

Headache, cluster

Headache, tension

Headache, unspecified

Hearing Loss, neural

Hearing Loss, other

Insomnia, adult

Insomnia, older adult

Learning Disability, child

Memory loss, initial evaluation

Memory loss, normal

Meningitis, bacterial

Meningitis, unspecified

Meningitis, viral

Migraine, unspecified

Morton’s Neuroma

Multiple Sclerosis

Neuropathy, ulnar

Night Terrors

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, adult

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, child

Oppositional defiant disorder

Panic Attack

Paranoia, older adult

Parkinson's Disease

Periodic limb movement disorder

Peripheral neuropathy

Pica, child

Post-traumatic stress disorder, adult

Post-traumatic stress disorder, child

Proctalgia fugax

Psychosis, unspecified

Quadriplegia, temporary

Raynaud's Syndrome

Restless legs syndrome


School Phobia

Seasonal affective disorder

Seizure Disorder, adult

Seizure Disorder, child, absence

Seizure Disorder, child, generalized tonic-clonic

Skull Fracture, adult

Sleep Walking, child

Stuttering, child

Stuttering, physiologic disfluency

Thoracic outlet syndrome

Tic Disorder, simple, child

Tourette's Syndrome, child

Transient Ischemic Attack

Trichotillomania, child

 OB/Gyn(back to top of page)

Abnormal Pap Test

Amenorrhea, primary

Amenorrhea, secondary

Bartholin's abscess

Bartholin's Cyst

Breast Lump, undiagnosed

Cervical cancer

Cervical cancer screening


Cesarean section

Chlamydia (female)

Contraception, barrier

Contraception, Depo-Provera

Contraception, implants

Contraception, IUD

Contraception, natural family planning

Contraception (Female), oral contraceptives

Contraception (Female), other

Contraception, postcoital

Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding, anovulatory

Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding, childbearing years

Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding, pubertal

Dysmenorrhea, primary


Dyspareunia, older adult

Ectopic Pregnancy


Fibrocystic Breast Disease

Gonorrhea (female)

Herpes Simplex (Female), genital

Hormone Replacement Therapy, follow-up

Hormone replacement therapy, overview

Hormone replacement therapy, perimenopause

Hormone Replacement Therapy, post-menopause

Hormone replacement therapy, postsurgical

Hyperemesis gravidarum

Infertility, female

Labial Adhesions




Menopause, new onset

Menstrual Irregularity, childbearing years

Menstrual Irregularity, menarche

Miscarriage, first trimester

Miscarriage, second trimester


Morning sickness

Nipple soreness breast feeding

Ovarian Cyst, adult

Ovarian Cyst, older adult


Placenta previa

Placental abruption


Post-partum Exam, cesarean section

Post-partum Exam, vaginal delivery


Pregnancy, multiple

Pregnancy, overdue

Prenatal Care, first trimester, follow up visit

Prenatal Care, first trimester, Initial Visit

Prenatal Care, second trimester, follow up visit

Prenatal Care, second trimester, initial visit

Prenatal Care, third trimester, follow up visit

Prenatal Care, third trimester, initial visit

Pruritus vulvae

Rh incompatibility

Uterine prolapse

Vaginal Bleeding, post menopause

Vaginitis, atrophic

Vaginitis, bacterial

Vaginitis, prepubertal

Vaginitis, trichomonal

Vaginitis, unspecified

Vaginitis, yeast

Respiratory(back to top of page)

Apnea, neonatal

Apnea, sleep, obstructive

Asthma, acute episode, adult

Asthma, acute episode, child

Asthma, exertional, adult

Asthma, exertional, child

Asthma, follow up visit, child

Asthma, mild intermittent, adult

Asthma, mild intermittent, child

Asthma, mild persistent, adult

Asthma, mild persistent, child

Asthma, moderate, adult

Asthma, moderate, child

Asthma, severe, adult

Asthma, severe, child


Bronchitis, acute, adult

Bronchitis, acute, child

Bronchitis, chronic


Cough, chronic, initial evaluation

Cough, psychogenic, child

Croup, episodic

Croup, viral


Influenza, adult

Influenza, child

Influenza, with pneumonia

Pertussis, child

Pertussis, infant


Pneumonia, atypical

Pneumonia, bacterial, adult

Pneumonia, bacterial, child

Pneumonia, unspecified, adult

Pneumonia, unspecified, child

Pneumonia, viral, adult

Pneumonia, viral, child

Pulmonary Embolism

RSV Infection

Tuberculosis, primary, active

Tuberculosis, primary, inactive

URI, adult

URI, child

URI, infant

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