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PATIENT ED® Productivity Suite

Medical References

The Merck Manual Illustrated
The Nord Manual - The NORD Manual: A Comprehensive Resource for Uncommon and Rare Disorders NEW!
PediaStat™ NEW!
Mosby-Year Book® Series: The Primary Care Collection
Fighting Infectious Diseases
Focus on Child Abuse
Policies and Practice Parameters of The American Academy of Pediatrics
DermaDex - An interactive tool for differential diagnosis in dermatology 
Dermatology for Health Professionals - NEW!
Dermatology for Medical Students and Residents

Medical Journals

AAFP Home Study Self-Assessment®: The Monograph Collection
American Family Physician
Annals of Internal Medicine 
The New England Journal of Medicine
The Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal®
Pediatrics Review and Education Program (PREP): Archive Edition: 1989-1998

Medical Tools

Merriam-Webster's Medical Office Suite

Merriam-Webster's Medical Dictionary
Merriam-Webster's Collegiate® Dictionary
Merriam-Webster's Medical Spell Checker

Patient Education

AAFP PATIENT Education Handouts - UPDATED!
AAP PATIENT Education: - NEW!
Breast Self-Examination
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome