Sample Printouts

The main "work products" of the PATIENT ED system are three reports: Prescriptions, Patient Instructions, and a Chart Note. 

Prescriptions can be printed  or be faxed directly to the pharmacy. They automatically conform to the formatting requirements of your state. In many states you can print multiple prescriptions on one page so only one signature is required.

Patient Instructions are written in 6th grade reading level. They include general questions and answers as well as detailed information about the treatment plan you have created and the medications you have prescribed.

The Chart Note is one of the "sleeper" benefits of the PATIENT ED system. It turns out that a summary of what the patient has been instructed can do double duty as a major portion of your progress note, saving time and transcription costs, and helping you meet documentation requirements of the Joint Commission of the American Hospital Organization.

To view or download a sample PDF printout, click on the links. If you do not have Acrobat 3 or a later version, please follow the instructions below.

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