PATIENT ED® Features and Benefits

The PATIENT EDâ system brings together essential information a physician needs to make evidence-based treatment decisions and then assembles instructions, illustrations, and personalized patient education for the patient in seconds to help them follow and comply with the plan.


As a by product of this simple process The PATIENT EDâ system:
  1. Prints prescriptions. All the physician has to do is sign.
  2. Checks drug interactions and displays the monograph from Facts & Comparisons' Drug Interaction Facts to help the physician make the most informed medication decisions.
  3. Automatically documents everything the patient was instructed for the chart in printed form or can be pasted electronically into an EMR.

Additional Features
  • Can be easily customized with information about your practice, providers, emergency phone numbers, and referring physicians.
  • Allows you to build your own patient education documents that get printed out for the patient when you specify.
  • Saves a record of prescriptions electronically and builds a medication history that can be printed or saved on the computer.
  • Manages prescription reorders quickly and easily.
  • Alerts you to relevant guidelines and formulary information that you can customized to meet the specific needs of your practice and medical community.