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Medifor Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc., is a leading medical software and information publishing company whose mission is improving health outcomes by delivering customized electronic health information to physicians and their patients.

Backlash against managed care and a dramatic rise in health consumerism have served to highlight a fundamental dilemma for health care. As competitive health care organizations are recognizing the fundamental importance of a strong, collaborative relationship between patients and physicians, our nation's health providers are overwhelmed with administrative work, have less time to spend with patients, and are experiencing a worrisome reduction in job satisfaction.

Medifor's solution is to harness affordable, easy-to-implement information technologies that help reduce physician workload, enhance the quality of treatment decisions, empower the provider as an educator, and help make patients full, collaborative partners in their own care.

Just Right, Just-in-Time Information®
Medifor was founded by primary care physicians who understand the practical everyday needs of health care providers. Our foundation product is called the PATIENT ED® system. Unlike most other clinical software, the PATIENT ED® system helps the physician help the patient, rather than just "treat the chart." Our system is unique in that the provider is rewarded for taking a little time to better educate patients by helping the physician manage medications, follow treatment guidelines, and reduce charting chores.
Medifor is also a leading publisher of clinical CD-ROMs. Some of our titles include multi-year archives of The New England Journal of Medicine, Annals of Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, and American Family Physician, as well as the 17th edition of the Merck Manual. Medifor also publishes patient education and continuing education titles from the American Academy of Family Physicians.

Patient Direct, a new feature that allows a provider to create personal patient Web pages and patient-provider messaging, gives patients acces to over 1800 Web links for further information on their medical condition. Combined with the power of the PATIENT ED® system, Patient Direct may just become the 21st century equivalent of the house call!

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